About us

Specialist in hydraulic cylinders. Our quick service assures you of short delivery of times for repair, modification or construction of new cylinders

Company Information

On 25 April 1955, the company was founded and seated in the heart of Rotterdam at the Bolwerk. At this time the only activities were sales of hydraulic jacks, rolling and small tools for the automotive industry and repair.

In 1958 the company moved to a larger building of approximately 200m2 in the Fabrieksdwarsstraat in Rotterdam with a small workshop for all kinds of hydraulics. Since 1960 the sale of hydraulic products had grown enormously and from that time on several well-known hydraulic brands were sold and repaired. In de following years the company continued to grow and in 1970 it moved to Vlaardingen, a city at about 10 minutes from Rotterdam in the middle of the Europoort. A building of 850m2 was bought, with a workshop of 200m2 equipped with lathes, drilling, sawing, welding and testing machines.

In 1990 the company moved to its present location of 2200m2, featuring a large sales department, an entire new workshop for special new building, assembly and repair of cylinders, pumps, power units, low and high pressure hydraulics, a service-workshop and a new warehouse for parts and seals in order to be able to work with more efficiency and to offer our clients more support and service.

Today  is active in all sectors of industry, from the smallest workshop to the largest factory. On construction sites and offshore platforms, in research and test laboratories, power-stations and on chemical plants, in the automotive industry, astronautics and the national railroad the Nederlandse Spoorwegen and in the material handling industries. Wherever there is a need for hydraulic power the hydraulic products of  prove to be an effective solution!

Our Mission

With a wide range of known and reputable brands like SPX Powerteam, Larzep, Hydrashear, Reelcraft, Mega, Villa Hydraulics, Riken, Simson and Newpac we offer high-quality products at a good price.

Breedveld & Weaver represents many renowned brands of hydraulic tools, but we also have a lot of knowledge of the brands Enerpac and FPT hydraulic tools, but also of Galtec gear pumps and motors that we would like to share with you.