Today “BREEDVELD & WEAVER” is active in all sectors of industry, from the smallest workshop to the largest factory.


During a breakdown whilst driving a debris crusher, an investigation was carried out at the site and it turned out that the left hydraulic wheel motor was stuck. After the initial disassembly of the outer motor covers, it was apparent that the brake plates had been burnt. The hydraulic wheel motor was disassembled, and new brake plates were replaced. After reassembly and everything tested over two days, the caterpillar vehicle was once again operational.

The cylinder of the Fuchs crane was leaking and could not be disassembled on site.Upon our recommendation, the crane was brought to our workplace and the pens with a hollow cylinder were disassembled. The cylinder was then cleaned, and the tube lightly scratched (bossed it), we replaced bearings and seals, assembled, tested and the crane reassembled.  

Due do damage in the hydraulic system, the customer decided to mount a press filter and return filter on the truck.

With an RVS sub-frame on the chassis, we mounted the press filter in the hydraulic system and connected it.  

The tank was disassembled and suspended lower. In addition, the inside of the tank was cleaned, and a hole was made in the top to mount the return filter directly in the tank. It was reconnected it to the existing installation.This filter installation protects the hydraulic pump installation of the truck against the dirt that flows back from all the connected vehicles. The sensors guard the pollution of the filter elements, which can be easily replaced from the outside by the Technical Department.

After problems with the hydraulic system of the walking floor on this 19-metre-long trailer, after site inspection it was discovered that some valves were leaking, and the system was too hot (83 degrees centigrade) and did not function properly.

After arrival at our workplace, several flow tests were conducted, and it was determined that the through-flow and the system were no longer working properly. In the valves, several seals had been burnt. The drain of various components and tubes enlarged.

We fixed various cylinders and valves and reassembled everything. After ample testing, the temperature now was fluctuating around 40 degrees centigrade, an enormous improvement and a satisfied customer.