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Glass roof tensioning system

The design of a new bank building near Madrid, Spain, by architect firm Kevin Roche – John Dinkeloo and Associates LLC, incorporates a large glass dome roof, with a minimum of glass panel joints.

The construction of this glass roof embodies an architectural masterpiece. A steel tubular ring, made of large square tube segments, is mounted on top of a circular concrete wall. Specially made brackets, situated on the outside of the ring, are connected to the supporting structure of the roof, consisting of special rafters and wires, by 4 rods (M36), which are leading through to the inside of the steel ring. The large glass panels will be fitted to the rafters, creating the actual roof. Before the glass panels could be attached, the supporting structure, with a diameter of 31,1 meters, had to be simultaneously tensioned at 36 points.

This was done by using the brackets and thirtysix 30 tonnes cylinders, after which the entire structure could be fastened, thus forming a rigid construction.
The 36 ENERPAC single acting cylinders RCS 302, electric pump unit and hoses with a total length of 400 meters, including manifolds etc. were supplied by “BREEDVELD & WEAVER”. Also, the client participated in a operating and safety training, which contributed to a safe and smooth progress of the project, within the estimated time.