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MPI “Resolution” Monopileklem

During April 2005 the installation vessel of MPI the “Resolution” (TIV1) was fitted with a new monopile upending and guidance system, used for installing larger and heavier monopiles than being possible with the 350 tonnes revolving crane.

These monopiles are used for the wind park Barness in Furness near the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. The monopiles have a length of 60 mtrs, a diameter of 4.60 meters and a weight of 480 tonnes. The monopile upending and guidance system, classed by DNV, is equipped with hydraulic gripping and closing cylinders supplied by “BREEDVELD & WEAVER”.

The monopiles are loaded into the system using diepladers up to the point of overturn. A hydraulically controlled winch overturns and moves the system overboard, using the hydraulic cylinders for gripping and positioning the monopile.