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Noordzeewind Wind Farm, the Netherlands

Some 10 kilometers off the coast of Egmond aan Zee, Shell constructs, in co-operation with Nuon, the first Dutch offshore wind turbine park called Noordzeewind, consisting of 36 turbines, with a total capacity of 108 MegaWatt.

The turbines have a capacity of 3.0 MW, a weight of 108 tonnes and a rotor diameter of 90 meters. Prior to permantly installing the 53 meters high towers, called monopiles, onto their seabed foundation, they have to be hydraulicly alligned.

Again, “BREEDVELD & WEAVER” supplied the allignment systems consisting of 15 sets with a total of 90 single acting spring return cylinders including shut-off valves, hoses, connectors, manifolds and 3 two-stage hand pumps.