Re-bar chain cutter


Re-bar chain cutter

Model S is specially designed for cutting Prestressed Concrete Strand to 1/2 ″ / 15.9 mm in diameter.

Model S works efficiently and quickly; in about three seconds it cuts through 1/2 ″ / 12.7 mm Prestressed Concrete Strand. Model S is ideal for cutting Reinforced Bar (up to a diameter of 5/8 ″ / 15.9 mm), Round Chain (up to 1/2 ″ / 12.7 mm mild steel), Bolts (up to 5/8 ″) / 15.9 mm) and Mild Steel Bar (up to 5/8 ″ / 15.9 mm). The distance of the front knife can be adjusted after it has been sharpened; the rear knife has a stop to prevent too much rash. Both blades are easy to dismantle, sharpen or replace.

Model S equipped with Pistol Grip makes it easy to use the cutter in any position: horizontal, vertical or at any other angle. Without Pistol Grip, the cutter can be mounted on a workbench and used for fast and frequent use.

Model S94 is equipped with a hydraulic pump driven with a 115 / 230V AC electric motor. The pump has a yield of approximately 0.82 l / min at 700 bar. The cutting set is supplied with a hydraulic hose of approximately 3 meters, all necessary fittings and a control cable of approximately 3 meters.

If no electricity is available, Model S can also be used with any other gasoline, diesel, air-powered or manually operated pump that can deliver a pressure of 700 bar and has a free return of oil through the pressure line.

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