Hydraulic pumps


Hydraulic pumps

MEGA delivers manually operated hydraulic pumps, air-hydraulic pumps and electrically operated pumps. The hydraulic hand pumps can be used as a portable hydraulic tool or in a fixed position and are either foreseen as a single acting, one-speed pump or double acting two-speed pump. They can be operated both in a horizontal or vertical position, in which case the pump head should be placed downwards.

The electrically operated pump is a two-stage radial pump that provides a working pressure of 700 kg/cm2/10.000 psi. The first stage allows a quick approach of piston to load and the second stage gives the effective working pressure. 

All MEGA hydraulic pumps are fitted with a safety relief valve factory rated at the maximum working pressure. 

The choice of pump is of course dependent on various factors such as;
– which maximum system operating pressure (bar) is required
– what volume of oil delivery is required (for manual pumps, cm³ per pump movement, for driven pumps oil L/min.).

Is a pump with one or two speeds required?
(2-stage pumps deliver a high oil volume at low pressure to allow the cylinder to rise quickly and then switch to the high-pressure stage with low volume under load)

Which power source do you prefer?
– Manually (operated by hand or by foot). Mobile use when the fixed power source such as electricity or air are not available. – air / hydraulic. Used compressed air from the fixed piping system or can also be done via a portable air compressor.
-Electric/hydraulic. What voltage is available? Is a pump with battery power preferred?
– Gasoline engine / hydraulic. High-efficiency pumps that make it possible to use in remote locations where no compressed air or electricity is available.

A Breedveld & Weaver technical adviser can help you choose the most suitable pump for your application and advise on proper use and the combination with cylinders and tools. We not only have a large range of hydraulic pumps, but also offer tailor-made advice and an extremely flexible service.

Need something custom? Just ask!