With over 70 years of experience in design and manufacturing ultrahigh pressure industrial hydraulic equipment such as hydraulic pumps, cylinders and tools, the products of RIKEN are well known and proven in various industries all over the world.

RIKEN products are developed with highest quality, endurance and ergonomics in mind, and are considered to be amongst the better tooling available. 

For various industrial applications RIKEN produces high pressure hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders, valves, hoses and hydraulic tooling for pressures ranging from 700bar up to 4000bar. These strong qualities find their application anywhere where powerful, concentrated force is needed such as construction sites, power plants, mining, offshore, shipbuilding yards and more.

Riken maintains high-quality standards in all phases of design, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service. They are committed to continuous quality improvement, customer satisfaction and the reduction of total costs, and regularly employ innovation, efficiency and in-depth multi-industry knowledge to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Feel free to contact Breedveld & Weaver for advice of RIKEN hydraulic tools. Breedveld & Weaver has been RIKEN distributor in the Netherlands for many years and is the most specialized supplier of RIKEN tools. For maintenance and repair, Breedveld & Weaver is an “Authorized Service Center” at the highest possible level.

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