Hydraulic Nut Splitter

Simson Power Tools

Hydraulic Nut Splitter

Many times, a nut is stuck or rusty on a thread rod that shall not be damaged! With a nut splitter can time be saved compare to other dismantling attempts like abrasive-cutting or flame-cutting.
In explosive environments or in case of fire hazard hot works are prohibited like for ex. oil platform, chemical industry. There is the nut splitter a useful tool.

Hot working permit can also be skipped with a nut splitter! Prevent from waisted time waiting for a hot working permit from the local industry security, or if your staff is not yet trained for hot works.

  • Used for disjointing rusty or damaged nuts.
  • Suitable for jobs there as little impact as possible is expected on thread rods and other components.
  • Exceptional tool for explosive or fire hazard environments.
  • High security level for good and safe working conditions.
  • The nut splitter has a built-in spring return.
  • Exits as compact tool with built-in hydraulic pump and as standard with coupling for hose

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