Hose reels

Spring retractable reels

Some Series are available in stainless steel.
Reelcraft’s stainless steel hose reels are ideal for food processing, pre-rinse, wash down, chemical transfer and industrial-solvent handling. Also suitable for coastal, offshore and on-board ship in marine applications where the harsh environment of salt water spray requires the use of stainless steel hose reels. Swivels include Viton® O-rings. Stainless steel hose reels increase the life of expensive chemical fluid transfer and wash down hoses and improve sanitation. Eliminate tripping hazards of hoses by properly storing them on reels. Hose and bumper not included.

general use

Medium duty spring retractable reels

Series RT
6, 10 & 13mm inner diameter.

Series RT is an economical choice for a medium duty, lighter weight, spring-driven hose reel for applications that are less demanding, yet require a product that can withstand industrial and commerical use. The industrial-grade drive spring is protected from the environment in a polypropylene spool for longer service life. Guide arm adjusts to seven positions.

premium duty

Premium duty spring retractable reels

Series 4000, 5000 & 5005
6, 10 & 13mm inner diameter.

Series 4000, 5000 and 5005 reels are all-steel construction and compact for a wide range of applications with critical space requirements. A full flow shaft and swivel assures maximum product delivery. Guide arm adjusts to two positions. The 5005 reels are suitable for hoses up to 15 meters in length.

heavy duty

Heavy industrial spring retractable reels

Series 7000, 80000 & D80000
10, 13, 19 & 25mm inner diameter.

The series 7000 base and guide arms are formed from high-grade steel and engineered with structural forms and gussets to yield the greatest amount of strength. The Series 7000 and 80000 incorporate all steel construction and a baked-on powder coat finish to produce a rugged corrosion resistant product suitable for a wide variety of heavy duty applications.

Compact reels dual pedastal

Compact reels double frame

Series DP7000
6, 10 & 13mm inner diameter.

Reelcraft’s new compact dual pedestal Series DP7000 features an innovative, non-welded, interlocking base. Independent testing to military standards has proven these reels stand up to heavy vibration and won’t vibrate apart, which makes them especially strong and ideal for truck-mounted applications. Superbly engineered dual pedestal base and guide arm are structurally reinforced. All-steel construction and a baked-on powder coat finish combine to produce a rugged corrosionresistant product suitable for a wide variety of heavy duty applications.

Heavy duty hand crank/motor driven reels

Heavy duty hand crank and motor driven reels

Series H & 30000
13, 19 & 25mm inner diameter.

Reelcraft’s Series 30000 reels are designed for rugged, heavy duty applications requiring long lengths of hose and large storage capacity. All-bolted unitized construction with no welds to fatigue, full flow swivel and heavy gauge steel frame, spool and drum ensure longest service life. Series 30000’s vibration-proof, self-locking fasteners are ideal for industrial or field use such as turf care or pest control.

The Series 30000 reel features vibration-proof, self-locking fasteners to ensure assembly integrity. The Series H is an economical reel designed for medium duty applications requiring long lengths of hose.

Lightweight composite reels

SG Series
6, 8, 10 & 13mm inner diameter.

Series SG reels are economical, lighter weight, easy to handle and meet the demands of a medium-duty industrial grade reel for continuous operation. Made of corrosion-proof, tough polypropylene, extensive tests have shown it to be highly resistant to the vast majority of acids, alkalis and UV rays. The design protects the hose and allows easy cleaning of both hose and reel. Wall or floor mount. Hose included.

Modular large frame reels

Series 40

The Series 40 line of large frame reels offers dimensional flexibility. Simply specify height, width and depth dimensions to fit your space requirements. The T-Slot aluminum frame provides extra structural strength. The spun edge design of the powder coated flanges, plus the aluminum frame and zinc-plated fasteners offer the greatest amount of corrosion protection and durability.